Mother of the Bride

Wrap yourself in pure elegance on that unforgettable day – the moment when your son or daughter seals their love. At Dresses Boutique we understand the deep emotions mothers feel when their children get married. It is a mixture of pride, love and nostalgia that warms the heart.

Our exclusive collection for the Mother of the Bride / Groom reflects this special bond. Each garment radiates style and sophistication, embraces the feelings of this special moment and underlines your inner beauty. From stunning dresses to sophisticated jumpsuits, we've carefully selected top brands for a seamless combination of comfort and allure.

Be enchanted by timeless silhouettes that hug and subtly accentuate your figure. Feel the luxurious fabrics on your skin and admire the fine details that make each garment unique. Our special Mother of the Bride/Groom department is a source of opportunity, where your personal style comes to life and where you can blend in.

At Dresses Boutique we believe that this is a very special moment for you as a mother, to shine together with your child and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you choose a timeless classic or a contemporary creation, our collection will guide you to the next phase of this beautiful story. Come visit our Mother of the Bride / Groom department and discover the magic of a garment that is not only beautiful, but also a symbol of your love and support during this unforgettable journey.

We help you from A to Z without or with an appointment.

145 products

  • Renaldi dress 242149 Renaldi dress 242149

    Frank Lyman Renaldi dress 242149


  • Broche BB-7629 Goud Broche BB-7629 Goud

    Poirier Broche BB-7629 Goud


  • Broche BB-7629 Silver Broche BB-7629 Silver

    Poirier Broche BB-7629 Silver


  • Sieradenset Amina JS-012 Goud
  • Sieradenset Amina JS-012 Silver
  • Stola S143 Rose Stola S143 Rose

    Poirier Stola S143 Rose


  • Stola S143 Goud Stola S143 Goud

    Poirier Stola S143 Goud


  • Stola S143 Silver Stola S143 Silver

    Poirier Stola S143 Silver


  • Vita dress 242703 Vita dress 242703

    Joseph Ribkoff Vita dress 242703


  • Shelly dress 241708 Shelly dress 241708

    Joseph Ribkoff Shelly dress 241708


  • Driane dress Driane dress

    Joseph Ribkoff Driane dress


  • Linea Raffaelli 231-735-02 Linea Raffaelli 231-735-02

    Linea Raffaelli Linea Raffaelli 231-735-02


  • Chrissy dress AP1E211316 Chrissy dress AP1E211316

    Adrianna Papell Chrissy dress AP1E211316


  • Xeny dress Xeny dress

    Vera Mont Xeny dress


  • Edina dress

    Luxuar Edina dress


  • Sarina dress Sarina dress

    Vera Mont Sarina dress


  • Fenda dress Fenda dress

    Vera Mont Fenda dress


  • Adeline dress Blue / Offwhite

    Frank Lyman Adeline dress Blue / Offwhite


  • Liliani dress Liliani dress

    Joseph Ribkoff Liliani dress


  • Jacquard satin dress 455076 Jacquard satin dress 455076
  • Jacquard dress 455056 Jacquard dress 455056

    Weise Jacquard dress 455056


  • Jacquard satin bolero 455055
  • Stellas dress 454226 Stellas dress 454226

    Weise Stellas dress 454226


  • Adeline dress Navy Uni

    Frank Lyman Adeline dress Navy Uni


  • Sisia dress Sisia dress

    Vera Mont Sisia dress


  • Chiara dress Shiny Taupe Chiara dress Shiny Taupe

    Vera Mont Chiara dress Shiny Taupe


  • Chiara dress Nightsky Chiara dress Nightsky

    Vera Mont Chiara dress Nightsky


  • Zia dress Melon Pink Zia dress Melon Pink

    SWING Zia dress Melon Pink


  • Zia dress Zia dress

    SWING Zia dress


  • Linea Raffaelli dress 241-256-01

    Linea Raffaelli Linea Raffaelli dress 241-256-01


  • Sandrella dress

    Linea Raffaelli Sandrella dress


  • Fione dress 241764 Fione dress 241764

    Joseph Ribkoff Fione dress 241764


  • Marbella dress 1240005A

    Sonia Peña Marbella dress 1240005A


  • Malaga dress 1240002A

    Sonia Peña Malaga dress 1240002A


  • Valencia Set 1240032

    Sonia Peña Valencia Set 1240032


  • Valencia bolero 1240103

    Sonia Peña Valencia bolero 1240103


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