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Sonia Peña

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SONIA PEÑA COUTURE talks about the promise of returning to a refined elegance. A careful selection of fabrics, beautiful textures and a soft color palette brings us to an absolutely beautiful fashion concept. Sonia Peña has chosen a new adventure, which she tackles with precision, as well as current trends and live collections in haute couture. A discreet luxury that advocates garments with a clear personality aimed at a woman who knows how to dress for special moments.

13 products

  • Zaragoza dress 11241009

    Sonia Peña Zaragoza dress 11241009


  • Marbella dress 1240005A

    Sonia Peña Marbella dress 1240005A


  • Malaga dress 1240002A

    Sonia Peña Malaga dress 1240002A


  • Valencia Set 1240032

    Sonia Peña Valencia Set 1240032


  • Valencia bolero 1240103

    Sonia Peña Valencia bolero 1240103


  • Sevilla dress 1240020A

    Sonia Peña Sevilla dress 1240020A


  • Barcelona set 1240026 Aquamarine Barcelona set 1240026 Aquamarine

    Sonia Peña Barcelona set 1240026 Aquamarine


  • Clayre-Kleid 21230004A

    Sonia Peña Clayre-Kleid 21230004A


  • Sonia Peña-Set 11231017 Sonia Peña-Set 11231017

    Sonia Peña Sonia Peña-Set 11231017


  • Maxim dress

    Sonia Peña Maxim dress


  • Relani-Kleid 1120001

    Sonia Peña Relani-Kleid 1120001


  • Alica-Kleid 21180020

    Sonia Peña Alica-Kleid 21180020


  • Cellina-Kleid 11221017 Cellina-Kleid 11221017

    Sonia Peña Cellina-Kleid 11221017


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