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House rules

You are very welcome in our store. We use clear house rules to promote a pleasant shopping climate. By entering the store you agree to the following house rules. 

• In this store we treat each other with respect. Aggressive or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Everyone helps to promote a pleasant shopping climate by preventing nuisance and inconvenience to others.
• Follow the instructions of our employees in the event of an emergency. 
• Customers must always be able to be identified, for this reason the face must be visible. It is therefore not allowed to keep the hood on, for example.
• Customers are not allowed to enter areas other than the sales floor.
• It is not allowed to smoke in the store.

Exchange & Returns
• Report directly to our cash register or an employee when you want to exchange an item and do not first walk through the store.
• Exchange or return of items is no problem at Dresses Boutique. In order to return or exchange an item, it is mandatory to show your proof of purchase and the item / packaging must be undamaged. A valid proof of purchase is your receipt that you received in the store or your packing slip / invoice that you received with your internet order.
• With a return you will receive the amount paid back by you in the same way as you paid.
• For our full exchange & return conditions, we would like to refer you to

• In our store there is limited change, cash money is always skimmed.
• A safe including time delay is used.
• As a standard procedure, Dresses Boutique checks all money for security features; we do not accept banknotes higher than € 200.
• Dresses Boutique rounds up cash payments at € 0.05.
• For your and our safety, we ask you to pay by pin as much as possible.

• It is prohibited to carry prepared bags or other items intended to be shoplifting with you in this shop. 
• It is forbidden to photograph or film in our store.
• In order to quickly resolve misunderstandings, you must cooperate with the investigation of your clothing or bags.
• Our articles are visible and invisibly secured.
• Within our shopping area we work with a (collective) shopping ban.
• When paying by credit card we always ask for a valid ID.

Enable fellow shopkeepers 
• We can enlist the help of our fellow shopkeepers in the area.

Calling in the police 
• We immediately call in the police if we detect or suspect a criminal offense. In the case of criminal offenses, we always report this. Think for example of:
- in case of shoplifting
- if employees are threatened and / or harassed
- counterfeit money is spent
• Dresses Boutique imposes a civil law fine of € 181 on every shoplifter for the delay and nuisance.
• If you violate our house rules, you are punishable for a breach of the law (section 138 of the Criminal Code). 

Use camera surveillance 
• You can be photographed for criminal offenses.
• We always provide images to the police.
• We use camera surveillance for your and our safety. Camera equipment and surveillance is there for the safety of the customer and employee, but it is also used for detecting shoplifting and other crimes. Dresses Boutique handles this with great care and closely observes the legal regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

In the interest of good order and safety it is very important that the instructions of the store staff are always strictly followed.Dresses Boutique has the option to impose a shop denial on its customers for a maximum period of one (1) year if the house rules are not observed. All persons from the age of 12 must be in possession of an identity document and must always be able to identify themselves on request.

These house rules can be supplemented and / or changed at any time by Dresses Boutique. The most recent version can be found on this page.

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